As a Bilingual school, IBS follows the Thai Government curriculum which is designed to be implemented
    in all Bilingual schools. However, while implementing the curriculum, we also make sure that we include
    the best practices of International curriculum as well. Hence, most of our text-books are from reputed foreign
    publishes like Pearson, Oxford, Cambridge, McMillan etc. Thus, while following the Thai curriculum, our students
    actually learn 'more', enabling them to achieve international standards.

    At Interkids, we believe that too much of the conventional style of chalk/talk teaching, mostly "parrot" style
    learning, leads to loss of concentration and boredom among students as well as the teachers. Furthermore, with
    this method alone, the child is likely to reach a "plateau"; i.e. to achieve a basic skill level, but not be able to go
    on and take the next step. Therefore we have adopted our curriculum based on Active Learning Methodology,
    which is an interactive way of learning.


    The Students learn in more interactive, activity-based environment. Such approach in learning ensures that the
    students are involved in the leaning process. The activities are such that students analyze, explore and discuss
    the various elements of learning in a playful environment. The retention of knowledge in such a mode is more
     compared to the conventional way.

     At IBS the subjects are taught in an integrated manner. For the implementation of the Interkids curriculum at all
     levels, the English, Science and Social Studies courses are both designed to be presented thematically, in      self- contained monthly units. Mathematics is also unit based, but not in relation to social or scientific themes.
     It is comparatively rigid in terms of required learning outcomes. Nonetheless, some units are meaningfully linked
     to Science and Social Studies themes.