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Principal's Welcome Letter

11949319_1061490943862283_773279851993267642_n It is my pleasure and honor to introduce our school to you through a collection of words and photographs that reflect the special quality of education at INTERKIDS BILINGUAL SCHOOL (IBS) read more


IBS Stories of Success

Our Excellent Alumni Success Stories


The pride of IBS is being reflected upon the success of its alumni who have been consecutively qualified to study in the National Universities and International Universities around  the world.  read more

IBS Activity Videos

Great Reasons Parents Choose IBS

IBS is a great school with exceptional curriculum.
My children really enjoyed studying at IBS. Thai and Foreign Teachers are very kind, caring and most of all have great teaching techniques. Beautiful learning environment with modern facilities surrounded by trees and green areas. My children really improved in English and Chinese.

IBS Parents

IBS is a great school. I have experienced and learned a lot of Thai cultures as well as improving my English skills on my exchange programme here. Thank you so much to all the professional teachers for everything you have taught me. I will definitely come to visit IBS again! ありがとうございました”

Japanese Exchange Student

IBS is an ideal school with conducive learning environment. Students possess great talents and skills in English and Chinese languages. I feel their confidence and humbleness, which I believe will contribute to their successful future!

President of Guizhou University

I sincerely admire the quality of education IBS possessed. Great Teachers. Great Curriculum. And most of all, students here speak English very well. I loved their confidence and humbleness. To conclude, IBS is an ideal school which we are very happy to give continuous support.

Office of Private Education Commission (OPEC)